When I was in tech, I used to laugh at how often we rebranded. I couldn’t understand this constant need to reinvent the company. I scoffed at how different colors or swooshes or taglines could make a difference when the software stayed the same.

Now I’m a photographer and I own my own business. Scratch that. According to Santa Clara County and the State of California, I own THREE businesses.

Why? Rebranding.

Touché tech world, touché!

Brand No. 1


I started as a pet photographer. I loved it! I still do. The beasties will always be my first love — and animal rescue one of my most important causes. I will always want to turn my camera on adorable, adoptable fuzzies from the likes of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and Silicon Valley Pet Project.

But, then I started photographing people – and I figured it might be a little awkward for folks to brag that their awesome portraits or event photos were taken by Fuzzy Beastie Photography.

Enter Brand No. 2.

So, I started Shutter Divas. When I launched Shutter Divas, I started talking about myself in the “Royal We” – and We did everything … Photo Parties, Events, Portraits, Pets, Headshots, Landscapes, Theatre, Bar Mitzvahs … if it called for a camera, Shutter Divas was on the case.

Again, I loved it. Especially the photo parties. Everyone who attended had so much fun. Everyone who heard about them thought they were an awesome idea. Fundraisers and nonprofits were clamoring for me to donate such a fun offering for their next big auction.

Alas, no one was ready to actually PAY for such an event.

Everything else about the Shutter Divas brand is going strong, but the name was really chosen with the parties in mind. Without the parties, who exactly is the diva?  Me?  Or my clients?

Enter Brand No. 3.

So, I started working with a business coach.

And here we are. Suz McFadden Photo will provide studio and on-location portrait photography. I will be focusing on families, adult headshots (professional, small business & theatre) and kid portraits (general & theatre). I love taking photos of people, and by focusing solely on these types of portraits, I can make sure I provide my clients with the best photos possible.

Along the way, I will be redoing my pricing, offering print packages along with all session fees. I believe that this approach will ensure that those of you who come to me for portraits will actually look at them again after our time together. Sharing online is great (and I’ll still provide low-res images so you can do that), but there is nothing quite like seeing your photos printed, framed, and hanging in your home. What’s more, they make great gifts for family!

If I thought starting out with Fuzzy Beastie Photography was scary, this step is even scarier. This is when I stop doing this halfway.

Shutter Divas & Fuzzy Beastie aren’t going anywhere, so photos of pets & parties are still available. But Suz McFadden Photo is my new focus (pun intended), and I look forward to focusing my lens on you!

6 Comments on “B-rand-a-rama

  1. Yeah, Suszi! I am in awe of your energy, and think your new focus will bring you and your clients joy!

  2. Let’s do a headshot session sometime soon! I have been meaning to update my decades old one. 🙂

    • Anytime Jonathan! I would love that. Just promise me we get to capture at least one of you in full laugh (even if you can’t use it for your official shot).

  3. Love this! And I love your description of how you ended up with three separate businesses. Very creative and well written. Congrats!

  4. Love seeing you evolve! Of course, love all your pics too. Go have fun!

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