Whether you need a headshot for work or play, it’s important to capture exactly the image you are trying to put forward. A corporate photo has a different look than a lifestyle portrait, which has a different look than a theatre headshot. So, if you are a job seeker (or just trying to update your LinkedIn and other networking accounts), you may be going for one look.  If, on the other hand, you are a small business owner, you may be trying to present something completely different. And finally, if you are going for the perfect role (professionally, in a theatre company that knows you, or at an open call), you are likely looking for something else entirely. Let’s chat about the story you want to tell, and take a headshot to help you tell it.

Social Media & Networking



“Suz did headshots for me (I’m a public speaker) and what a wonderful job she did!  I needed them in a hurry and got several good shots out of the sitting. She even set me up with her hairdresser who made me look great for the shoot.  I’ve also done couples’ pictures from Suz, and my wife loved them so much that she turned a favorite photo into mouse pads.  Great work and very fun relaxed atmosphere. I highly recommend Suz!” – Rikki W.

The Arts

“I met Suz when she photographed a show I was in. I loved her work so I asked her to do my headshots. Normally I am very tense and self-conscious in front of a camera, but Suz is so good at getting me to relax and have fun that she is convinced I am a natural. 🙂 She understood very quickly the look and mood I was going for and there were many great shots to choose from in the end. The experience was so good that I went to her a couple of years later for another round of headshots, this time in her studio (the first shoot was outdoors), and the result was similarly awesome.” – Katia H.



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