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Are you starting a small business? If so, congrats to you! That is a HUGE undertaking. Trust me, I know. I understand the stress and the risk and the excitement and the doubt and the energy and the relief and the thrill and the pride and the … the … well, let’s be honest, the never-ending to-do list!

Not only do you have to RUN YOUR BUSINESS, you need to market it too!

You need photos and marketing materials and a website and social media—and all those things take money and time and brain cycles you just can’t afford right now! Don’t they know you have a business to launch?

Still, the print designer needs you to tell the writer to cut 100 words. And the web designer needs you to ask the photographer for a landscape-oriented photo, not a portrait photo. And the social media guru needs a photo at 72dpi, while the print designer needs it at 300dpi. Oh, and the web designer is back, and needs the writer to cut another 75 words. And they are all coming to you at once for edits/changes/approvals.

Oh, and did we mention?  All those extra iterations? Well, those are going to cost more money—for each vendor.

Make. It. STOP!


Cut out the stress and minimize costs by getting all of your initial launch materials—from photos to print to web to social—from ONE company. Need a photo resized? No problem. Text won’t fit into the design? Easy peasy. Let me just cut a few words, and voila! New website? It won’t be intricate or super technical … but it will be there when your customers look for you online! And, your social media will *pop* when your photos are used in videos and graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and more.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, before leaving the corporate world to explore this photographic adventure of mine, I happened to rack up a 25+ year career in marketing, so starting a photographic “Small Business Practice” is just a natural fit.

Check out some of the sample materials I created for the amazing Fisher Chiropractic LA below. Then, if you are interested in exploring your own photo & marketing options, contact me today or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We’ve got this!


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