Pricing the Priceless

As a past client, you know that for years, I offered a flat rate for sessions. One fee covered your photo session and all your digital images. My reasons? Well, I had plenty.

We live in a digital world.
People want to share their photos online.
No one really prints things anymore.
And most importantly, people were really put off by expensive print prices.

Funny thing about those reasons … It seems that many of you didn’t share them.

Yes, my clients like to share their photos online, but you also like to print photos—especially good ones, special ones.

People share “everyday” photos online (phone snaps, instagram, snap chat). But I do not take “everyday” photos.

Many clients have told me long after our session (with a sigh), “I still haven’t printed any of our photos. I will.” [I’m still waiting for their order.]

Others have told me they took their photos to a local big box store—and the quality (especially on enlargements) was underwhelming

Ouch.  that hurts.

Underwhelming prints are not why you come to a photographer to have your photo taken. Online sharing is not why you come to a photographer to have your photo taken. You come for something special. You come to capture a moment in time … and to capture it beautifully. A moment you can hang on the wall, that you can gift to others, that reflects the thought and commitment you put into it. You are capturing that moment so that it will last a lifetime.

And so, I am moving away from the “shoot and burn” approach. (Funny … I didn’t even realize my “I’m so hip I don’t even print” methodology had a name—and I was even less aware how unpopular it actually was. Live and learn.)

So, I am happy to announce that I am now offering print packages. You will receive low-resolution digital images for online sharing as part of those packages, but I will no longer be including them as part of the session fee. From what my clients tell me, you’ll thank me for that.

Price list available on request.

Existing Client Print Offer

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