Kids. They’re crazy-making and wonderful and surprising and infuriating and wonderful and beautiful and creative — and growing up way too fast! I can’t stop time forever, but I can stop it for a moment, capturing an age, a look, an attitude … a brief stop along your child’s journey to adulthood. You’ve got your camera phone for the everyday memories, and it’s amazing the snaps you’re able to capture! But sometimes, it’s nice to step back from the everyday, take a breath, put the phone away, and capture something different. Something to hang on the wall to remind you that what seems like just yesterday, they were shorter than you, toddlers not kids, kids not teens, teens not young adults. Let’s stop time together — for just a little bit.

“Suz photographed my daughter’s 1st birthday party, and the smiles, laughter, love and face filled with frosting are AMAZING!” – Jacqui G.


Does your child have theatre in their blood? Does a good musical beat out baseball any day of the week?  For that matter, does a bad musical? If being in a show lights up your child’s face like no other activity, then make sure they have the perfect headshot to make them stand out from the crowd. Their talent will shine on stage without my help. Let a professional photo help them stand out after the lights have dimmed and the casting team is reviewing resumes. Your child is a star … and stars deserve the best.



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